Saturday, August 14, 2010

Manila Boy who took welding training in Heats landed a job

The Manila Boy trainee of Heats who took SMAW NCII and GTAW NCII landed a job in TIPCO MMD Department.

Just recently, Heats was informed that Mr. Harold Arila is now working the said firm. TIPCO is one of the biggest company in Central Luzon. Their core business is in the paper industry. Paper industry is one of the industries aside from Oil and Gas, Marine and Aircraft Industry. Industrial Plants like TIPCO needs welders to do the maintenance work of their equipment, process line among others.

To Mr. Arila congratulations. This will be the start of your career in welding. Few years from now you will be working overseas raking thousands of dollars monthly.

Welding Training and Courses - Manila - Tarlac, Philippines

Looking for TESDA Accredited Welding Courses?

We are the answer. Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. offers the following welding courses:

1.) Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW NCI) - 34 days - P12,000
2.) Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW NCII) - 34 days - P22,000
3.) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW NCII) - 34 days - P30,000

We cater trainees from Batanes to Jolo and from Australia, to UK and the USA.

We also offer the following short courses and seminars:
1.) Basic Welding Course - P835/day - 6 to 10 days
2.) Pipe Welding Course - P1334/day - 6 to 10 days
3.) TIG Welding Course - P2500/day - 6 to 10 days
4.) TIG Stainless Steel - P4000/day - 5 to 10 days
5.) GTAW/SMAW Course - P3000/day - 6 to 10 days
6.) AWS-CWI Course and Exam - USD2,200 - 6 days
7.) Local Welding Inspector Course - P10,000 - 5 days
8.) Painting Inspector Course - P10,000 - 5 days
9.) Safety Officer Course - P10,000 - 5 days

Soon to offer:
Practical Electricity
Scaffolding Course
Blaster/Painter Course
Heavy Equipment Operator Course

Call/txt us at +639054140543 - look for Grace for enrollment

or email us at

AWS-CWI Course in Manila Philippines

Finally, Heats School of Welding Technology got to nod to offer the most coveted AWS-CWI (American Welding Society - Certified Welding Inspector Course). AWS-CWI is an internationally accepted Welding Inspector Certificate.

In collaboration with Dash inspectorate India and American Welding Society, Heats will be offering the AWS-CWI Course and exam on December 18-22 & 24, 2010. The Fee for this course is USD2,200 inclusive of module, certificate, lunch and snacks.

To register, pls contact us at or +639054140543 - look for Grace.