Monday, August 18, 2008

Advantages of GTAW Welding

Advantages of GTAW Welding
1.) Concentrated Arc - Permits pin point control of heat input to the workpiece resulting in a narrow heat affected zone.
2.) No Slag - No requirements for flux with this process; therefore no slag to obscure welder's vision of the molten weld pool
3.) No sparks or spatter - No transfer of metal across the arc. No molten globules of spatter to contend with and no sparks produced if material being welded is free of contaminants.
4.) Little smoke or fumes - Compared to other arc welding processes like SMAW or FCAW, few fumes are produced. However, the base metals being welded may contain coating or elements such as leas, zinc, copper, nickel and so on, that may produce hazardous fumes. Keep your head and helmet out of the fumes rising off the workpiece. Be sure that proper ventilation is supplied, especially in the confined space.
5.) Welds more metals and metal alloys than any other process.
6.) Good for welding thin material.

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