Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Below is an email of my previous boss. He is looking for Site QC Engineer. If you are interested, please contact him personally.

Richard Kemp wrote:

Hello Jhun,

Hope all is well with you. In relation to the below email history would you by any chance know of anyone that may meet the requirements setforth. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With best regards,

Richard Kemp
General Manager
WISco SE Asia
Bus: +65 6479 8403
Mobile: +65 9152 6015

I would be most grateful if you could present Filipino candidate CV's in relation to the below job description. A Good history of E&I experience will be a big plus. This assignment request should last 21/2 to 3 years. The assigned location is in Qatar. Looking forward to hearing to hearing from you.

Mission: The role of the Site QC Engineer is to liaise with all construction QC personnel to ensure all quality functions of the project within the guidelines of the Project Procedures and Project specific quality documents.
Reports to: Site Quality Manager
He shall:
a) Ensure that Quality Control Systems are implemented and maintained in accordance with the defined project standards and specifications.
b) Foresee action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformance.
c) Review the preventative actions recommended in nonconformance reports, follow-up and verify corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence of nonconformities.
d) Populate, administer and control the site nonconformance control database.
e) Collate information to be included in weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports.
f) Initiate, record and provide solutions for quality problems.
g) Ensure that all QC personnel including sub-contractors follow the quality control system.
h) Carry out inspection surveillances on sub-contractors premises.
i) Expedite and review the preparation of ITP’s and Field Inspection Procedures.
j) Liaise with JV Company assigned QC personnel to ensure that specified requirements are complied with.
k) Witness Welder and Welding Procedure Qualifications.
l) Ensure welders are qualified to the material, dimensions and welding processes being used.
m) Ensure Material Traceability measures are being recorded for all permanent material.
n) Ensure all welding consumables are correctly stored, controlled and issued.
o) Conduct or join periodic audits on site activities.
p) Day to day site surveillance.
q) Monitor and follow-up on all inspection records that are to be uploaded into the Comet mechanical completions database.
r) Be proactive in the compilation of construction dossiers.
s) Liaise with site QC Engineers on the day to day functioning of inspection activities.
t) Expedite all QC activities to ensure there are no compromises to quality.