Sunday, November 30, 2008

70 6G WELDERS - TIG OR MIG (Urgent) for CANADA

Hey guys here's another opening for welders. Canada needs you!!! If you are qualified, please contact the agency directly. If you are not yet qualified, Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc. can help you. Enroll with us and we will train you to become a certified welder.

here the job opening......


POEA License No. : POEA-162-LB-060208-R
Address : 96 New York Avenue, Cubao Quezon City Metro Manila
Tel. No. : 2 913 6104

70 6G WELDERS - TIG OR MIG (Urgent)
Work Site: Ontario, Canada

Opening Date: Nov 24, 2008 Closing Date: Dec 30, 2008
For Manpower Pooling Only. No Fees shall be collected from the Applicant.

Prospective Principal/Project Canadian Client
Proposed Salary 3,000 CAD
Qualifications Gender : Male
Age : 23 - 40 yrs old
Education : At least Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate
Yrs. of Experience : 2 yr(s)

1. With experience in pipe lines welding as 6G welders either in Tig or Mig process.
2. With experience in heavy industrial plant as welder.
3. With recent TESDA certification and WQT record from your previous employer.
NOTE: An applicant who does not meet the above minimum requirement, NO NEED TO APPLY PLEASE.
Please bring the following documents during the preliminary interview:
1. Updated comprehensive resume with detailed job description in every employer’s work experience. (2 sets original copies)
2. School and employment credentials including trainings and seminars attended. (2 sets xerox copies)
3. Recent passport (2 sets xerox copies)
4. Recent NBI Clearance – Travel Abroad (2 sets xerox copies)
5. 2 x 2 colored ID picture (2 pcs.)
6. Long folder with fastener (1 set)
NOTE: Only short-listed applicants will be notified for preliminary interview.

Learning About Welding and Necessary Supplies

Welding is an age-old process of joining metals. Welding supplies are necessary for better metal works.

The environment is a concern for all of us today. One way of saving the environment is limited use of wood in constructions, small and big. Many wood replacements were developed to imitate wood appearance. The use of metals is the more popular wood alternative.

Use of metals requires an age-old process. This is the fabrication process or the joining of materials. Welding does joining of materials, metals, or even thermoplastics. Causing coalescence joins metals. The process involves melting the pieces to be joined together and having molten filler in between to form a strong joint. Heat is used, or in combination with pressure, in producing a weld.

Welding utilizes a number of energy sources. These sources include gas flame, electric arc, laser, electron beam, friction, and ultrasound. Welding is considered as an industrial process. In spite of this thinking, welding can be done in an unlimited number of circumstances one imagines. Welding is possible in an open-air situation, underwater and yes, even in space.

Welding is dangerous, in all location where welding is possible to be done. Care must be observed when doing a welding work. Precautions should be taken into consideration to avoid unacceptable consequences such as burns, electric shock, eye damage, poisonous fumes, and overexposure to ultraviolet light.

For centuries, welding is done through the simplest process of forged welding. Heating the materials and pounding to connect metals. In this procedure, heat and pressure are used. Historic structures and art masterpieces were constructed and fabricated using this simple welding process.

Arc welding is the most popular welding process used in many work places. This is done by an electric arc between an electrode and the base materials. The metals are melted at the welding point. Electric arc is created and maintained by the use of an electric power supply. Use of an alternating or direct current and a consumable or a non-consumable electrode is possible in an electric arc welding. Shielding gas usually protect the welding area.

Arc welding requires an electrical power supply. Most commonly used are the constant current power supplies and the constant voltage power supplies. The length of the arc is directly related to the voltage while on the other hand, the amount of the heat input is related to the current. In manual arc welding, the constant current power supplies are used most often.

Power or energy supplies are the most important supplies needed in the welding processes. Another requirement in welding is a continued supply of electrodes or what is commonly referred to as welding rods. Replacement supplies for the various welding equipment and tools might be an option for a continued and uninterrupted work.

Miscellaneous supplies can be considered on hand at the work place for a better workflow. These supplies may include brushes and brooms, tape, cable ties, tie downs, tarpaulins, and vacuums.

In order that welders and assistants may perform their jobs better, supplies of these safety and comfort products may be stocked at the working area. These supplies are as follows, but not limited to the list; eye protection, face protection, gloves, first aid, protective clothing, hearing protection, respiratory protection, and other such worker comfort product.

By: Jayesh Bagde