Sunday, September 28, 2008

Classifications of Welding Imperfections

1. Cracks

2. Solid Inclusions

3. Surface and Profile

4. Misalignment

5. Gas pores and porosities

6. Lack of fusions

7. Mechanical Damage

Weld and Joint Terms Definitions

1. A Weld - A union of materials, produced by heat and/or pressure

2. A Joint - A configuration ofmembers

3. A Weld Preparation - Preparing a joint to allow access and fusion through the joint faces

4. Types of Weld - Butt Weld, Fillet Weld, Spot Weld, Seam Weld, Edge Weld

5. Type of Joint - Butt Joint, Lap Joint, Tee Joint, Corner Joint

77 Days To Go for the Welding Inspector's Course

77 more days to go for the next Welding Inspector's Course. It shall be held on December 15-19, 2008 at Heats Training Room.
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ISO 9000 Awareness Course & IQA Course - 3 More Weeks to go!!!

Three more weeks to go for the ISO 9000 Awareness Seminar and Internal Quality Auditing course.
These courses are helpful for engineers and professionals who deal with ISO 9000 and Quality auditing.
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Arc Starting With Different Polarities in GTAW

Preheat Tungsten
Repeatable Starting
Cleans work on starts
Can damage tungsten tip
Good for AC TIG

Preferred for precision DC
Repeatable starting
No cleaning on starts
No damage to tungsten
Acceptable for AC