Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Career in Welding Industry

Here are some career in Welding Industry

1. Welder
2. Welding Inspector
3. Piping Inspector
4. Structural Inspector
5. Tank Inspector
6. Pressure Vessel Inspector
7. NDT Inspector
8. NDT Technician
9. Sr. Welding Inspector
10. QA/QC Engineer (Welding)
11. Sr. QA/QC Engineer (Welding)
12. QA/QC Coordinator
13. QA/QC Manager
14. Welding Supervisor
15. Welding Engineer
16. Welding Superintendent
17. Welding Manager

Few Tips on how to become a WELDER

1. Attend training in welding. As a start take the SMAW (Plate) course which normally conducted in at least 240 to 300 hours.


Join a fabrication company as a helper. While being a helper, start to learn welding by doing it during your breaktime (with the permission of your supervisor)

2. Daily practice can make you more proficient.

Common Causes of Hydrogen cracking

1. Hydrogen generated by the welding process
2. Hard and brittle structure
3. Residual tensile stresses acting on a joint